Press coverage at the Sarasota International Film Festival

The Definition of Insanity got a lot of press coverage at the Sarasota Film Festival: Interviews with directors Robert Margolis and Frank Matter on ABC/Channel 7 and RadioSRQ as well as in the Sarasota Herald Tribune and the Weekly Planet.

Interview with Radio SRQ

Sarasota Herald Tribune (excerpt):
... "For small films without big stars and without big budgets, festivals represent the most cost-effective aspect of a guerrilla marketing campaign," said Robert Margolis, star, director and writer of "The Definition of Insanity".
Margolis, who sounds utterly unlike the obsessive, self-destructive actor he portrays on film, says that while making his movie was "exciting and exhilarating," marketing it "is very much a game."
"The truth is that with today's technology, you can shoot a film for very little money," Margolis said. "But getting it distributed and seen is another proposition entirely."
Margolis would love to have his movie shown on the Independent Film Channel, which funded "Z-Channel: A Magnificent Obsession," made by Xan Cassavetes, daughter of the late independent filmmaker John Cassavetes...
For full article go to For independent filmmakers, it's all about exposure

Weekly Planet:
Actor/director Robert Margolis is often asked: How much does The Definition of Insanity reflect his own life? It is, after all, a mockumentary-style film about a struggling actor (portrayed by Margolis) enduring countless humilliations in hopes of making it big. The audience is taken through an ongoing barrage of embarrassments, from his demeaning part-time jobs to his desperate pleas for his exasperated wife’s understanding of a dream – his dream – that just won’t die. For a struggling actor/director such as Margolis, this film seems to hit pretty close to home.
“We wanted the audience to feel a little uncomfortable”, says Margolis, “like, ‘How far are they going to go into this person’s life?’” Watching this film is a bit like watching reality TV: Though sometimes tough to watch, it’s carthartic, and perhaps a little liberating, to see someone else deal with the bullshit for a change.
The Definition of Insanity’s protagonist doesn’t just give up, though for the sake of his family and personal health he should. He instead resigns himself to his fate. This is where Insanity sidesteps the prototypical Hollywood ending – you want this poor loser to succeed, but in the end you know he won’t.
Margolis, the director, however has. Armed with only a tiny budget and a handheld digital camera, Margolis and co-director Frank Matter have shown The Definition of Insanity to audiences in the U.S., Brazil, Switzerland and Germany, along the way winning awards at film fests in New York.
So the question remains – how autobiographical is this faux-documentary? Margolis won’t say.
Recently divorced and working part-time as a super at a New York apartment building (he was salting in preparation for last weekend’s snowfall just before we spoke), Margolis – for the sake of authenticity – often incorporated real documentary footage in scenes. “The scenes where I was auditioning for plays were real”, he says. “And a few other scenes, too. But I don’t want to give all of them away.”

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